Monthly Archives: March 2017

James Griffith’s Tar Paintings, Biophilia @ Craig Krull Gallery

HuffPost, March 31, 2017. A review of James Griffith’s tar paintings. Instead of depicting nature, Griffith works with nature itself, extracting images of the milky way, flora and fauna out of tar so that his paintings exude life. Rather than making paintings of nature Griffith’s artwork behaves like nature – recalling Jackson Pollock’s famous comment ” I...
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Lisa Adams’ Fictious Worlds @ CB1 Gallery and College of the Canyons Gallery

 HuffPost, March 22, 2017.  Lisa Adams’ idiosyncratic paintings are interior monologues. Her paintings are a hybrid of representation and abstraction,landscape and still life, surrealist and dystopian imagery that blur so many genre lines, they defy categorization.Adams paintings play with anomalies that are disturbing, eccentric and quirky – rather like Tim Burton’s movies. Her paintings are fictitious worlds...
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