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Barbara Kruger Monograph. Essay text.

Essay commissioned for the monograph,Barbara Kruger  published by The National Art Gallery, New Zealand, 1988   BEYOND THE LOOKING GLASS: YOUR TRUTHS ARE ILLUSIONS By Lita Barrie “How can I be distinguished from her? Only if I keep on pushing through to the other side, if I’m always beyond, because on this side of...
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Twins Speak: Joel-Peter Witkin and Jerome Witkin

   Painters Table via Artweek.LA March 24, 2014.  Republished in Twin Visions: Joel-Peter Witkin Jerome Witkin ( published by Jack Rutberg Fine arts, 2014) Lita Barrie’s  interview with twin brothers, narrative figurative painter Jerome Witkin and celebrated/controversial art photographer Joel-Peter Witkin, at their first joint exhibition at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts. Links:  Front Cover  story in Artweek.LA Featured...
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