Monthly Archives: December 2013

Dennis Hollingsworth:Painting with a Punch

  Painters Table  -via Artweek.LA  Dec 23, 2013. An essay analyzing Hollingsworth’s corporeal paintings. Hollingsworth’s work is on view in Drifters, a group exhibition, at Hionus Gallery, New York. Hollingworth’s paintings raise playful questions about the paradoxical position of abstract painting today – caught in the impasse between opposing camps.His layered surfaces become a self-reflective space in...
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Lisa Adams: The Aesthetic Dimension of Melancholy

Painters Table Dec 7, 2013 – via Artweek.LA Dec 2, 2013. Republished in In the Land of Entropic Beauty ( monograph published by CB1 Gallery)    An essay on  Lisa Adams’ recent melancholic paintings. These paintings do not  represent melancholy in obvious themes and iconography they  exhale it through enigmas – created by combining different emotions and different...
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