Lita Barrie

Lita Barrie is an award-winning, international art critic and cultural essayist, based in Los Angeles.  She was born in New Zealand where she gained two post-graduate degrees in philosophy – after a double-major in English Literature and Philosophy in her B.A –  at Victoria University (with a published thesis on Immanuel Kant’s aesthetics) and then continued her post-graduate studies in  journalism at Canterbury University.

Barrie has written art criticism for a weekly art column on The New Zealand National Business Review, numerous online and print art magazines, art gallery catalogues, museum monographs (including Barbara Kruger, Jiri Cernicky and Roland Reiss) and university essay collections in New Zealand, Australia and California.

She taught aesthetic philosophy in graduate programs at Claremont Graduate University, Art Center and Otis School of Art and Design. Barrie also taught aesthetic philosophy, art theory, gender studies, fairy tale analysis, pop culture semiotics and composition for 20 years at private art colleges and state universities at both undergraduate and post- graduate levels.

Her feminist intervention in the  canon of women’s art is discussed in the government’s  Encyclopedia of New Zealand. An archive of her art criticism is held in the New Zealand National Library, Te Puna Matauranga Aotearoa.



Awards and Distinction

  • Harkness Award, Canterbury University, New Zealand, Travel, 2000
  • Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council, New Zealand, Travel Grant, 1992
  • Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council, New Zealand, Travel Grant, 1988
  • Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council, New Zealand, Research Grant, 1987
  • Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council, New Zealand, Research Grant, 1985

Professional Affiliation

  • Art Historians of Southern California
  • Association International Des Critiques D’Art, American Section 1991


  • M.A. Philosophy, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
  • B.A. Honours with First Class Honours in Philosophy, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
  • B.A. English and Philosophy (double major) Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
  • Journalism Graduate School, Canterbury University, Christchurch, NZ

Selected Publications:

Online Art Magazines Los Angeles,2013 -present:

  • Hyperallergic
  • ART La-bas
  • Painter’s Table Blog Roll via Huffington Post Arts
  •  Huffington Post
  •  Artweek.LA.
  • Painters Table
  • art ltd
  •  Art -Agenda

 Art Magazines 1990- 2001

  • Los Angeles Art Correspondent, Artspace
  • Contributing Editor, Artweek
  • Co-editor/Co-publisher Vernacular
  • Art Reviewer, Visions
  • Art Reviewer,  Art Issues
  • Art Reviewer, California Art Dealers Newsletter
  • Art Reviewer, Long Beach Press Telegram

Art  Catalogues, Los Angeles and New Zealand 1983-present

  • Astrid Preston, Craig Krull Gallery, 2017
  • Roland Reiss, Grand Central Press/ State University, Fullerton, 2014
  • Twin Visions, Jack Rutberg Fine Art Inc, 2014
  • Lisa Adams, CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles, 2014
  • Dennis Hollingsworth, Chac Mool Gallery, Los Angeles, 2000
  • Jiri Cernicky, Post Gallery, Los Angeles, 2000
  • The Martha Project, Living Room Gallery, Santa Monica, 2000
  • Mnemonics of Painting, Robert Miller Gallery, Los Angeles, 1997
  • Dennis Hollingsworth, Bennett Roberts Fine Arts, Los Angeles, 1996
  • Andrew Drummond, Jonathan Jensen Gallery, Christchurch 1994
  • Shared Techlines, curated in Los Angeles for Artspace, Auckland,1993
  • Alter/Image, Wellington City Art Gallery, Wellington, 1993
  • Address/Undress, Pasadena City College of the Art Gallery, 1993
  • Walters, Gimblett, Bambury, Jonathan Jensen Gallery, Christchurch, 1992
  • Gastaldi, Los Angeles Contemporary Arts, 1992
  • A Question of Opposites, South Bay Art Center, South Bay, 1992
  • Jungrah Noh, Sun Gallery, Seoul, 1991
  • Jerome Gastaldi, Charles Whitworth Fine Art, Newport Beach,1991
  • Vestiges from the Last Colonial Culture, Los Angeles Festival, 1990
  • Three from New Zealand, Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach,1990
  • Now See Hear, Wellington City Art Gallery, Wellington, 1990
  • Barbara Kruger, New Zealand National Art Gallery, 1988
  • New Art in New Zealand 1984, Dunedin ,Queen Elizabeth Arts Council, 1984
  • F1:Sculpture Project, Wellington, Queen Elizabeth Arts Council, 1983


  • Art Magazines, New Zealand, 1985- 2001
  • Art Reviewer, Art New Zealand
  • Art Reviewer, Listener
  • Art Reviewer, Art Gallery and Museum Association of New Zealand JournalArt
  • Art Reviewer, Wellington City Art Gallery News
  • Art Reviewer, Canterbury Society of the Arts News
  • Art Reviewer, Auckland City Art Gallery Newsletter
  • Academic Journals, New Zealand, 1986-2001
  • Landfall 201,The University of Otago Press, 2001
  • Interstices: Journal of Architecture, Criticism and Theory, University of Auckland,1991
  • Annual Conference Papers, Stout Research Papers, Victoria University of Wellington,1990
  • Antic No 5, University of Auckland, 1989
  • Sites No 15, Massey University of Palmerston North, 1987
  • Antic No 2, University of Auckland, 1989
  • Antic No 1, University of Auckland, 1986
  • Weekly Newspaper Column, New Zealand, 1987-1990
  • Weekly Art Columnist, New Zealand National Business Review

Academic Employment

Adjunct Assistant Professor, California State University Los Angeles, 1996-2011

  • English: Composition (100 level) 1996 – 2011
  • English/Liberal Studies: Children’s Literature (400 level) 2007 – 2009
  • English/ TV F: Gender and Sexuality in Pop Culture (300 level) 2007
  • English: Gender and Sexuality in Literature ( 300 level) 2004
  • Liberal Studies : The Soul, Synchronicity and Science (400 level) 1998

Lecturer, Art Center College of Design, 1997- 2001

Lecturer, Otis School of Art and Design, 1996-2000 (Four Courses per year)

  • English: Composition (foundation) 1998 – 2000
  • Philosophy: Quantum Leaps in Art and Science (upper division) 1998 – 2000
  • Philosophy: Aesthetic Issues Past and Present (upper division) 1996 -1998

Lecturer, Claremont Graduate University , 1993-1997

  • Art Theory: Aesthetic Philosophy and Quantum Theory (post graduate) 1997
  • Art Theory: The Body, Desire and Art (post graduate) 1995
  • Art Theory: Post-Structuralism, Feminism and Art (post graduate) 1995
  • Art Theory: A Post-Structuralist Approach to Aesthetic Issues (post graduate) 1994
  • Art Theory: Post-Structuralism, Feminism and Art (post graduate) 1994
  • Art Theory: A Post-Structuralist Approach to Aesthetic Debates (post graduate) 1993

Lecturer, California State University, Northridge, 1989-1990

  • Art History: Western Civilization, Perspectives in Art History (100 level) 1996

Lecturer, Scripps Women’s College, Claremont, 1995-1996

  • Philosophy: Aesthetics from Plato to the Present (100 level) 1996
  • Composition( 100 level) 1995

Lecturer, Rio Hondo Community College, 1991 – 1992

  • Philosophy : Elements of Logic (lower division) 1991 – 1992

Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington, 1987-1988

  • Art Theory: Feminist Issues in Art and Representations of Women 1988
  • Art Theory: The New French Feminisms 1987
  • Art Theory: Art and Postmodern Culture 1987
  • Art Theory: Art that Challenges Modernist Aesthetic Conventions 1986 – 1987
  • Art Theory: Art and Postmodern Culture 1986 -1987

Guest Speaker, Victoria University of Wellington, 1986-1988

  • Women’s Studies: Feminist Perspectives on Images of Women 1988
  • Women’s Studies: French Feminist Poststructural Theory 1987
  • Women’s Studies: Feminist Perspectives on Women’s Art 1986


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Conference Presentations

Art Gallery and Museum Presentations

  • Roland Reiss panel – Diane Rosenstein Gallery, 2015
  • “Art, Nature and the Postmodern Sublime” – Symposium 2000. An International Conference on Post Object and Performance Art in New Zealandin the 1970s and beyond, Robert McDougall Art Gallery, Christchurch, NewZealand, 2000
  • “Art, Technology, and Dream States”- Wellington City Art Gallery, 1992
  • “On Masquerade: The Semiotics of Gender”- Wellington City Art Gallery,1989
  • “Sighting References”-Forum, National Art Gallery of New Zealand,1987
  • “David Hockney Photography”- Chair, Symposium, Wellington City ArtGallery,1986
  • “Art in Postmodern Context”- Peter McLeavey Gallery, 1986
  • “Content/Context”- Forum, National Art Gallery of New Zealand,1986
  • “The Self and Other Humanistic Fictions”- National Art Gallery New Zealand, 1986
  • “French Feminist Philosophy and Women’s Art”- Wellington Women’s Art Association, 1986
  • “Eurocentrism in a Perspex Box”- Art Gallery and Museum Director’s Conference, 1986
  • “French Feminist Philosophy and Women’s Art”- New Zealand Art Critics Conference, 1986
  • “Women’s Sculpture”- National Art Gallery of New Zealand,1985
  • “Joseph Beuys in the Context of Nietzsche’s Philosophy”- Forum, F1: New Zealand Sculpture Project, 1982

Related Professional Experience

  • Private Tutoring /Writing Workshops on artist statements and art theory, 1992 -1993
  • Guest Curator for art exhibitions at the Pacific Design Center and Pasadena City College Art Galleries, 1990- 1993
  • Gallery Assistant Director, Janne Land Gallery, Wellington, 1983- 1985
  • Oral History Documentarian, New Zealand Women’s Art Archive, 1984
  • Radio Interviewer, Access Radio, 1983
  • Researcher, New Zealand Historic Places Trust, 1983
  • Journalist, Wellington City Council Parks and Recreation, 1982


Selected Bibliography

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Letters of Reference.