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Mary Corse: ‘Then and Now” Into the Infinite

ARTNOWLA November 11, 2017. An essay on Mary Corse’s fe-minimalistartworks  at Kayne Griffin Cocoran . An analysis of parallels between physcists and artists who explore light, space and time: Einstein and French Impressionists. A discussion of parallels between Corse’s bridge between the material with immaterial, the visible with the invisibale and the finite with  infinite...
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Kent Twitchell’s Monumental ‘ Ed Ruscha’ An Iconic Signifer of L.A As 21st Century Art Mecca

ArtNowLA October 24, 2017. An essay on Kent Twitchell’s important monumental portrait “Ed Ruscha” as an iconic  signifier of L.A’s new incarnation as a 21st century art mecca. Twitchell transports portraiture skills rarely seen outside museum walls into urban car culture just as Ruscha transports urban car signs into museum quality art. Twitchell memorializes Ruscha – the...
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Astrid Preston: Pixelation Breathes Life into Landscape Painting

Art La-bas October 13, 2017. This exhibition at Craig Krull Gallery explores ways of seeing and framing nature. Preston will sometimes combine different perspectives in a single painting. She is deconstructing different constructions of nature in the history of landscape painting, photography, film, and poetry. She explores beauty as an idea we carry in our minds from...
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Kent Twitchell’s Magnanimous Monumental Portrait of Ed Ruscha: An Iconic LandmarK of L.A’s Historic Downtown Art District

ART La-bas October 8, 2017.  Twitchell’s monumental portraits have raised the bar in L.A mural culture since the 1970s because he uses classical panting techniques that are rarely seen beyond museum walls.  The inspiration for Twitchell’s larger-than -life portraits is his childhood experience of drive-in movie theatersin the 1940s and ’50s which transported his imagination...
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Robert Irwin “Drawings” Expanding Aesthetic Awareness

ARTNOWLA September 27, 2017. Robert Irwin artworks are vehicles for questioning the way we see the world.  Like a philosopher , Irwin is  interested in questions that expand our cognitive understanding –  but as an artist he thinks through sensitive feeling. For five decades Irwin has created ” conditional art” that responds to the surrounding light...
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Robert Irwin’s Drawings Without Marks

  Hyperallergic, September 16, 2017. There are no drawings in Robert Irwin’s exhibition Drawings at Quint Projects. Instead these ‘drawings without marks” are composed of manufactured fluorescent light tubes and fixtures that are not wired for electricity Irwin lists the materials as, ” shadow + reflection + color.” Less is more in Drawings. By leaving the...
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Lezley Saar’s Melancholic Poetics of Identity

Hyperallergic, July 1, 2017.  Lezley Saar explores the ambiguities  of being neither black nor white, male nor female. For decades Saar has looked behind the veil of superficial appearance, to explore the emotional conflict underlying mistaken identity from the perspective of a biracial woman who looks white – but feels black. Gender Renaissance at Walter Maciel...
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Pippa Garner’s Crossover Art of Gizmos, Gadgets, and Gender

Hyperallergic,  May 27, 2017.  Pippa Garner  is a crossover artist with a penchant for satirical inventions and ideas. Tinker Tantrum at Redling Fine Art includes pencil drawings and texts, mixed media assemblages, and video performances from the 1970s to the present that showcase Garner’s ingenuity as an absurdist and bricoleur, exploring a vein of popular science...
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