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George Condo’s Jazz Inspired Paintings at Spruth Magers, Los Angeles

 HuffPost , Painter’s Table – via Huffington Post June 8, 2016. Review of George Condo’s  music inspired paintings at Spruth Magers, Los Angeles. Condo arranges fragments of faces and geometrical forms in the same vein as great jazz musicians deconstruct well known meolodies by “turning them inside out.” We see iconic images referncing Picasso, Goya and Monet in...
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Hauser Wirth and Schimmel Inaugural Exhibition: All Women Sculpture





Huffington Post, March 30, 2016. Review of the new Hauser Wirth & Schimmel   inaugural exibition Revolution in the Making Exhibition - comprised of 100 outstanding works by 34 women artists – over a 70 year period. This is the first exhibition to celebrate legendary women sculptors who changed the history of sculpture and women’s art, by using hands on techniques and soft materials. This ground breaking  exhibition is co-curated by Paul Schimmel and feminist art historian Jenni Sorkin


Lita Albuquerque: The Aesthetics of Expansive Deep Space

Huffington Post, February 23, 2016. An essay on Albuquerque’s simultaneous exhibitions at Kohn Gallery and USC Fisher Museum of Art, Los Angeles. The expansiveness of Albuquerque’s perspective of deep space, skill set, grand scale and inter- generational collaborations is discussed in relation to Susan Sontag’s idea of redrawing “old maps of consciousness”, with what Albuquerque...
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Ruth Weisberg: Imaginary Space for Memories

 Huffington Post, October 5, 2015. Review of Weisberg’s retrospective at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts Gallery, Los Angeles. An analysis of the way the formidable grand dame of figurative and feminist art created an imaginary space for memorues. Includes a video by Eric Minh Swenson Link:
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David Hockney Interview: Paintings and Photography at L.A Louver, Venice, California

HuffPost and Painters Table – via Huffington Post, July 23, 2015. A rare interview with David Hockney, the most celebrated living artist, in his Hollywood Hills studio. Combined with a review of Hockney’s new paintings and digital photography drawings at L.A Louver, Venice CA.  This conversation with Hockney deals with his radical use of multiple perspective as an...
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Studio Visit with Helen Pashgian: The Leading Lady of Light

Huffington Post, April 10, 2015. Studio visit with legendary pioneer of California Light and Space, Helen Pashgain. Light is a lifelong exploration for the most brilliant minds. This article explores the parallel explorations of light by artists and physicists. Pashgain, the grand dame of light, is still on the cutting edge after her monumental installation at...
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Roland Reiss Monograph. Essay text

Monograph essay in Roland Reiss Painting and Sculpture (published by Grand Central Press and Cal State Fullerton 2014).   Re-published in Painter’s Table via  Artweek.LA , Jan 5, 2015 The essay explores the philosophic implications of the concept of spatial depth in Roland Reiss’ floral paintings. It contextualizes Reiss work within the important debate over space composition –...
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